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For Climate

With the advent of green technologies, it is easy to view the battle against climate change as one for the tech world. A lesser-known but increasingly recognized solution lies in nature. Conserving the world’s forests represents the most cost-effective climate solution available today.

A lot of research suggests that the wetland ecosystems lying along the coasts of our oceans are particularly good at sequestering and storing carbon. Mangroves have the ability to grow where no other tree can, thereby making significant contributions that benefit the coastal ecology.

For Communities

Mangroves play a dominant role controlling sea level rise and in reducing the impact of cyclones and tsunamis as well as provide ocean based livelihoods for communities. Around the globe mangroves enhance coastal fisheries, sequester carbon, and provide provisions to local inhabitants, filter nutrients and sediment, support tourism and protect coastlines and coastal communities from waves and extreme weather.

Actions to protect, restore, and manage forests sustainably will contribute to inclusive growth, poverty eradication, achieving food security, and maintaining biodiversity, among many other environmental and development benefits.

Financing mangrove reforestation responsibly

MangrovesNow is a new fund located in Singapore that is completely dedicated to mangrove reforestation in South-East Asia. The aim of our fund is to make the following unique promise come to live: for every certified mangrove VER that is purchased from the fund, MangrovesNow will plant dozens of new mangroves, generally within 6 - 12 months. We'll do this in cooperation with VNV Advisory, one of the most experienced independent project developers in Asia with over 70 registered projects.

Current status

On Earth Day 2023, L’ORÉAL FUND FOR NATURE REGENERATION has announced it's investment into MangrovesNow for the reforestation of initially over 2000 ha in 2023/2024. More news soon!